1. Brim Explorer
  2. Sikkerhetstiltak for Covid-19

Brim Explorer tilbyr spennende utflukter og aktiviteter i Oslo, Lofoten og Tromsø. Vårt mål er å sørge for trygge opplevelser på havet, der du kan føle deg sikker på at din helse og sikkerhet blir ivaretatt av mannskapet om bord. I den forbindelse har vi
tatt følgende forholdsregler mot mulig corona-smitte om bord:

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  1. We provide and enforce the use of antibacterial before boarding our ship
  2. We inform guests about rules & regulations while on board
  3. We remind guests on several places on the ship about our rules and ‘best-practices’
  4. We supply antibacterial, soap, washing facilities and disposable hand towels while on board
  5. We increase the frequency of our cleaning routines, with extra care of commonly touched surfaces between each trip
  6. We limit access to the ship to people who are, to the best of their knowledge, not contagious or infected with Covid-19.
  7. We encourage guests to take their own face mask, gloves and anti-bacterial if desired
  8. We comply to the rules & regulations of both the local and national government
  9. We save guests name and contact information for 14 days in accordance with the government requirements in case Covid-19 has been found aboard our ship or if one of our guests has was infected while on board.