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The project

In a unique collaboration with Hurtigruten Svalbard, Polar Permaculture and Ocean Sounds Norway, we set out to develop a tour that evoked all five senses. Extending the experience from the traditional 'sight'seeing, we wanted our guests not only to see but to hear, smell, feel and taste the Arctic!

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The tour

Silently cruising through the Arctic waters onboard our hybrid-electric ship, the guests started their journey through the sense. The hybrid-electric engine allows us to reduce the noise to a minimum and giving the guest the chance to soak in the sounds of nature.

Along the way, our guests can admire the stunning arctic landscape and are engaged by our guides through storytelling to put this remote place in the world into the context of history and biodiverse importance.

One of the stops along the way is at the Nordenskiöldbreen glacier. Here we lowered a hydrophone into the water so the guests could hear the mysterious sounds of the underwater world suck as the crackling ice and the marine life that lives in this important biodiverse area. The hydrophone compliments and elevates the stories that our guides shared about the glacier and its importance in the circle of the biodiversity of the Arctic.

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Why did we do all this?

Because we wanted our guests to connect with the Arctic nature in a deep and meaningful way, and to work with the local community, supporting projects outside of traditional tourism.

We believe that a sustainable and holistic approach to tourism creates the changes we need to see and memories that are shared long after you return home.