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Vi legger ut fra Svolvær og seiler langs det dramatiske Lofotlandskapet inn mot den beryktede Trollfjorden. Du nyter den slående naturen fra varme salonger, eller fra flere dekk med panoramautsikt.

På veien forteller våre dyktige medarbeidere om dyreliv og historie, og ikke minst om fiskerikulturen blant det barske folkeslaget som bor rundt omkring i Lofoten.


I det vi kommer inn i Trollfjorden, åpnes et storslagent syn seg for oss. Bratte fjellsider stuper rett ned i fjorden, mens havørnen svever over oss, der den holder vakt over riket sitt. Vi senker undervannsdronen, og tar en nærmere kikk på livet i dypet av denne enestående fjorden.

På båten serverer vi et utvalg av drikke, varm lunsj, smørbrød og bakevarer å nyte sammen med utsikten.


Silence and serenity in Trollfjord

Trollfjord has long been a highlight of a visit to Lofoten and with good reason. The opening of Trollfjord is only 100m wide with mountains of over 1000m on the side of the fjord going straight down deep into the fjord. Once through the narrow 1 km opening, Trollfjord opens up in a cul-de-sac and you get rewarded with lush green views 360 degrees around.

In Trollfjord you can join our guide outside. They will put down their microphone and guide in person to enhance the serenity and silence. We’re in eagles paradise so keep an eye out in the sky. Our guides will talk and share stories about the nature, history, wildlife and trolls of trollfjorden. We’ll pass by the waterfall before we turn back towards Svolvær. On the way back our café will be opened for lunch.

Know before you go

Tour info

  • Time & Duration

    10:00 - 13:30 (3-4 hours9

  • Meeting point

    The pier outside Thon Hotel Svolvær

  • Group size

    8 - 130

  • Season

    May 2021 - Sep 2021

  • Important things to note

    We do not feed wildlife on our tour

  • Cancellation policy

    More than 48 hours in advance – 100% refund. Less than 48 hours in advance - No refund

  • Safety measures for Covid-19

  • Electric Use

Inclusions & facilities

  • Cruise to Trollfjord

  • English and Norwgian speaking guides

  • Free Wi-Fi

  • Cafe with food & beverages for purchase

  • Wheelchair access

  • Toilets

  • Warm indoor saloons


  • Adult (17+)

    990 NOK

  • Youth (12-16)

    790 NOK

  • Student

    790 NOK

  • Child (3-11)

    590 NOK

  • Infant (0-2)

    0 NOK

The origin of the name Trollfjord

It is unknown where the name “Trollfjord” originated, but there are legends and stories both fictional and other. One legend says that Trollfjord used to be a lake named “Trollsjoen”. A troll name Hinnøy was angry with another trolls cows were grazing on his fields around the lake. Running over with his axe, he tripped, and the axe flew out and landed in between the lake and raftsundet. When taking out the axe, the lake connected with Raftsundet, creating what we now know as Trollfjord.

Regardless or the origin of the name, Trollfjord seems an appropriate name for the impressive and overwhelming feeling one gets upon entering the fjord. Magnificent, impressive and a little frightening as you cruise in Trollfjord below the towering mountains that are threatening overhead and plunge deep into the fjord. It is certainly one of the most impressive fjords of Norway.

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White-tailed eagles; the wildlife highlight of Trollfjord

What white-tailed eagles in Trollfjord look like

The white-tailed eagles are commonly seen on our Trollfjord Cruise. They are the largest eagle in Europe. They measure anywhere from 66 to 94 cm (26 to 37 inch) in total length with a typical wingspan of 1.78 to 2.45 m (5.10 – 8 feet). You can easily identify a white-tailed eagle by its, surprise, white tail. Juveniles are harder to distinguish as their tails are not (completely) white yet. They are also known as “sea eagles” as they feed primarily on fish. They are also known to attack livestock such as sheep and goats, which nearly caused humans to eradicate them from Lofoten.

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The history of white-tailed eagle hunting in Lofoten

Lofoten used to have a large population of white-tailed eagle (and golden eagles). Sadly, the population is now only a fraction of what it was. The main reason for this is ‘eagle hunting’. It was accepted for farmers and others to hunt and kill the eagles as they formed a threat for their livestock. As early as 1655 eagle hunting was recorded in Lofoten. In particular because of the unusual catching technique; by hand. In 1845 the government even paid people for each kill and between then and 1968 when the law was abolished, an estimated 114.000 eagles are believed to have been killed in Norway.

Nowadays, the pendulum has swung the other side and white-tailed eagles are a tourist attraction. It is now a common practice to feed the eagles in Trollfjord to get them to come close, a practice we believe is not appropriate and something we have decided not to partake in.

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Frequently asked questions about the Silent Trollfjord Cruise

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Is there lunch available on the Trollfjord Cruise?

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Join our Silent Trollfjord Cruise this summer! We know you want to! That bright orange “Book this tour” button has been following you all down this page, just ready to be clicked! A trollfjord tour with us will not disappoint! Our hybrid-electric ship is designed for sightseeing. Its comfortable and will provide great views of the majestic trollfjord from nearly everywhere on the boat! With our silent electric engine, we limit the noise and disturbance to nature, providing a calmer experience for both you and the fantastic wildlife.