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Oslo: A Leading City In Sustainability

In recent decades, the world's cities have been making significant strides towards sustainability, driven by the pressing concerns of climate change and environmental conservation. These efforts have given rise to a growing number of sustainable cities that prioritise renewable energy, reduced carbon emissions, and green construction practices. As urbanisation continues to surge, these sustainable practices are becoming more crucial than ever before. One city that stands out in the realm of sustainability is Oslo, Norway. Over the years, Oslo has transformed itself into a global leader in green practices, setting a shining example for others to follow. At the heart of this transformation lies a commitment to renewable energy and forward-thinking architectural designs. Contributing the goal that Oslo aims to be climate-neutral by 2030, we at Brim Explorer have brought to market a 100% electric boat for sightseeing, dining and entertainment whilst sailing on the Oslo Fjord.

Brim Explorer Oslo 2

The MS Brisen: Exploring Oslo's Fjord in Style

A shining jewel in Oslo's crown of sustainability is our very own MS Brisen, a 100% electric boat that offers an exceptional opportunity to explore the city from a unique vantage point—the serene waters of the Oslo Fjord. This remarkable vessel not only provides guests with a breathtaking experience but also serves as a symbol of Oslo's dedication to reducing its carbon footprint.

The MS Brisen isn't just limited to providing scenic tours; it offers a range of experiences that showcase Oslo's beauty and sustainability. Guests can enjoy enchanting dinner cruises on the Oslo Fjord, savoring a delectable meal while surrounded by the city's picturesque skyline. On weekends, the boat treats visitors to "Brunch and Bubbles," a delightful way to unwind and appreciate Oslo's stunning coastal scenery.

Oslo Dinner Cruise with Brim Explorer

We are proud to be part of the journey in Oslo to creating a more sustainable city.