Electric Fjord Cruises in Norway

Brim is an old Norwegian word for 'breaking wave'. By breaking a wave, you disrupt the constant and create change. That is what Brim Explorer aspires to do, change the way boat tours in Norway are done and the way we travel through and experience the fjords of Norway. To show that sustainable and eco-friendly cruises are possible.
eco-friendly cruises in the fjords of Norway

Wave breaking fjord tours in Norway

Our hybrid-electric boats produce minimal pollution and noise. This creates a unique atmosphere on board for our guests and minimises the disturbance to marine life in the fjords of Norway, bringing our guests closer to nature.

Brim Explorer offers fjord tours and cruises in some of the most famous Norwegian fjords. You can find our boat trips in Oslo all the way in the south, as well as in the Arctic cities of Tromsø, Lofoten and Svalbard at different times of the year. Our fjord cruises range from arctic nature & wildlife-related tours to cultural, lifestyle and dining experiences. Have a look below at the different boat tours that we offer.

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Brim explorer eco-friendly cruises

Our hybrid-electric boats

Our ships Brim & Bard are designed and built with two main philosophical pillars in mind: the guest experience and minimising pollution. This has resulted in what Brim Explorer is today. Providing a comfortable, unobstructed and ‘front-row’ experience for all our guests, while at the same time operating eco-friendly tours with hybrid-electric boats.

The synergy and overlap of these two pillars comes to fruition nowhere better than through the silence of our electric engine. Enabling our guest to hear and experience nature better, while at the same time minimising pollution in the Norwegian sea and minimising disturbance and noise for marine life.

5 fun facts about Brim & Bard

  • Quiet hybrid-electric engine & propulsion,
  • Panoramic windows in the lounges on both decks,
  • Norwegian design with recycled aluminium,
  • 800 kWh battery pack. Equivalent to 10x Tesla Model S,
  • Designed with the guest experience in mind.
Eco-friendly cruises in Arctic Norway

The Brim Explorer team

Our crew are the ambassadors of Brim Explorer and our vision and philosophy. Our hybrid-electric boat tours serve as the foundation and platform for our guides to bring you closer to nature.

To connect and inform our guests about the importance and fragility of the Norwegian Fjords. To share the stories of the Norwegian fjords, its wildlife, culture, history and that what is hiding in plain sight.

Our crew is the essence of Brim Explorer and they will elevate and to bring Norway, the arctic, the fjords & mountains to life.


Our safety measures for Covid-19

In light of the covid-19 pandemic, Brim Explorer has taken measures to increase safety on board for guests and employees. All our tours are currently being carried out in compliance with local and national advice and regulations in Norway for the tourism, transport as well as the hospitality industry. Amongst these measures are reduced capacity to allow for more space and physical distancing on board, as well as increased cleaning routines, limiting congregation at so called ‘hotspots’ and frequently touched areas and providing antibacterial upon entry and during our tours.