Electric summer in Oslo and Lofoten

Brim is an old Norwegian word for 'breaking wave'. Similar as a wave breaks the constant, Brim Explorer is trying to change the way we experience the ocean. Onboard Brim and Bard, our guests will experience minimal noise and minimal pollution and will be able to get close nature above and below the water. Our ships have comfort, plenty of space. We have implemented regular cleaning routines and have antibacterial available.
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5 things about Brim & Bard

  • Quiet hybrid-electric engine & propulsion
  • Panoramic windows in the lounges on both decks
  • Norwegian design with recycled aluminium
  • 800 kWh battery pack. Equivalent to 10x Tesla Model S
  • Designed with the guest experience in mind.
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The team

Our fantastic team is the foundation of Brim Explorer