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  • Explore Henningsvær

  • Enjoy a variety of local tasters

  • Cruise in the evening summer sun of Lofoten

Henningsvaer Cultural Tasting Cruise

A evening cruise to Henningsvær

At 18:45 we depart from Svolvær with the sun still high in the sky in Lofoten, the land of the midnight sun. Once we have left the harbour, we will set course east, along the southern coast of Lofoten. Our first highlight along the way will be the town of Kabelvåg, the ancient capital of Lofoten and nowadays most famous for its church, the Lofoten Cathedral.

As we continue our journey, we will serve a starter dish of local inspired delicacies for you to taste and our guides will share stories about nature, history, wildlife their personal experiences.

While we’re enjoying our entrée, we will deploy our underwater drone if conditions allow, and explore life under the surface of the fjord. Bringing you closer to the rich marine life that provides both Lofoten and the world with its cod, kelp, and crabs.

Henningsvaer Cultural Tasting Cruise

Explore Henningsvær, the cultural centre of Lofoten

Before we arrive in Henningsvær, our guides will give you their tips of things to see and do in the most popular town of Lofoten. You will have between 1 and 1.5 hours to explore the village.

Henningsvær is a small village with only 500 inhabitants and is most famous for its fishing history. It was the most important fishing village in Lofoten during the 18th century. This history is still in the making and fishing is still part of the town during the fishing season. However, much of its town centre is now dotted with galleries, art shops and artisan craftsmen in charming traditional buildings. Some highlights Trevarefabrikken, Kaviar Factory and Galleri Lofoten (you can preorder tickets for Galleri Lofoten when making your reservation).

Other popular things to do is to see the local football field that barely fits on its location on an outcrop of one of the islands. There are also plenty of fish racks, a common sight that has become a symbol of Lofoten and Norway.

Henningsvaer Cultural Tasting Cruise

A unique tasting experience in Lofoten

After exploring Henningsvær our apatite has increased and so we will start our journey back to Svolvær and serve tasters from local fisheries. A menu inspired by local produce and traditions. It is a joy to taste while being able to admire the scenery of Lofoten through our floor-to-ceiling windows with panoramic views. Order a drink and go out onto our one of our deck to enjoy the silence of our electric engine and get closer to the elements of nature.

During the majority of the summer it will still be light outside on the way back due to the midnight sun. The magnificent mountains nicknamed “the wall of Lofoten” will cast its shadow on us. As the sun is lower and lower on the northern horizon, the evening light will colour the backdrop of these craggy peaks the highest of which, Vågakallen, towers over 800m above sea level. Its sight is unequalled in Lofoten.

Know before you go

Tour info

  • Time & Duration

    18:45 - 23:00 (4 hours)

  • Meeting point

    Meet 15 minutes before departure at the pier on the main square, next to Paleo Arctic Restaurant in Svolvær (Torget 22)

  • Group size (min-max)

    8 - 60

  • Season

    01 April 2022 - 25 September 2022

  • Important things to note

    This tour is recommended for youth & adults
    The tasting menu is a light meal. It does not serve as a full dinner.

  • Cancellation policy

    More than 48 hours in advance – 100% refund.
    Less than 48 hours in advance - No refund

  • Electric use

    Under normal circumstances, 75% of this tour will be done on our electric engine.

Inclusions & facilities

  • Silent return cruise to Henningsvær

  • Tasting of local delicacies

  • English & Norwegian speaking guides

  • Fully licenced bar with drinks for sale

  • Free tap water

  • Free Wi-Fi

  • Should you need any assistance?

    Email us at info@brimexplorer.com if you require assistance with reduced mobility and impaired vision/hearing.

  • Toilets

  • Warm indoor saloons


  • Adult (17+)

    990 NOK

  • Youth (12-16)

    990 NOK

  • Student

    990 NOK

  • Child (3-11)

    590 NOK

  • Infant (0-2)

    0 NOK

Travel to Henningsvær the traditional way; by boat

Henningsvær and Lofoten as a whole have traditionally only been accessible by boat. Only since 1983 is there a land connection via 2 bridges. This has made Lofoten and Henningsvær more accessible and during the summer the road is filled with cars and campervans. However, there is a certain charm by traveling to Henningsvær by boat. It gives you a view of Lofoten that you don’t see from the road and it allows you to immerse yourself into the way the locals experienced life in Lofoten for centuries.

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The rich fishing history of Henningsvær

Fishing is so much part of Henningsvær that it is even in its name. The word “vær” – “fiskevær” in the northern Norwegian dialect literally means fishing village. For over a century people from around the country came up to Henningsvær in the winter months for the fishing season. Most famous is the cod fishing and year after year it has become more famous. Nowadays Henningsvær and Lofoten in general exports fish all over the world. From dried fish to Italy and fish heads used for fish soup in Nigeria. While Henningsvær itself is still involved in fishing, many of the warehourses and fish factories that are facing the port have been restored and converted to hotels, galleries and restaurants, providing work for the people of Lofoten during the summer months when there is little fishing.

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Frequently asked questions about the Henningsvær Cultural Tasting Cruise

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Check availability for Henningsvær Cultural Tasting Cruise in Lofoten

Join our Henningsvær Cultural Tasting Cruise this summer! We know you want to! That bright orange “Book this tour” button has been following you all down this page, just ready to be clicked! A evening tour with us will not disappoint! Our hybrid-electric ship is designed with comfortable and spacious saloons, perfect to enjoy your tasters. The floor-to-ceiling windows will provide you with panoramic views of the mountains of Lofoten. With our silent electric engine, we limit the noise and disturbance, providing a calmer experience for both you and nature.