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Christmas Party

Oslo, Tromsø and Lofoten are destinations that all have coastlines to be proud of. Set sail with us for an electric holiday spirit this year.

Our boats have a unique design that is perfect for holiday gatherings. With panorama lounges you will have a full overview of the fjord from the inside, our silent electric motor lets you enjoy each others company without disrupting sound.

All our boats have heated indoor seating areas divided on the two decks. Also a bar with all rights were we provide the selection after your wishes and occasion. There is also a possibility to use the onboard screens for presentations.

The sailing route will be accommodated after your wishes. We can also tailor an itinerary for your Christmas Party with live music, DJ, quiz and other activities.

Please feel free to reach out for questions, more information or an offer.

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We have three boats Brim, Bard and Bris. We operate in four different locations throughout the entire year. Our boats will give your Christmas party the perfect location. Invite your guests for a memorable gathering with the fjord as your location.

Brim - Lofoten & Tromsø
Is a hybrid electric boat that can have up to 146 guests onboard. Brim is located in Lofoten from February to September, and in Tromsø from October to January.

Bard - Tromsø
Is a hybrid electric boat that can have up to 146 guests onboard. Bard is in Tromsø from November to March.

Bris - Oslo available from September 2022
Bris is our newest boat, is fully electric and can have up to a 146 guests onboard. Bris will be in Oslo all year.

Please get in touch and we can tailor your Christmas Party after your wishes and needs.

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Holiday Spirit at sea!

Start your day with a serene Christmas breakfast at sea

In our heated lounges you can take in the aroma of Christmas Coffee being brewed while enjoying the view of the fjord. A homemade Christmas breakfast will be served while silently sailing through the fjord, a perfect start to the day.

Christmas Lunch at sea

Christmas lunch will be served while the boat glides through the snow covered fjord landscape. Take in the scenery and get into the holiday spirit.

Please reach out for an offer and we will tailor a program according to your wishes.

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