• Orcas & Humpback whales
  • Arctic Fjords
  • Unique Polar Night sky
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Daily whale tours from Tromsø

We depart Tromsø at 08:00 in the crisp arctic morning air. Our destination is a whale watchers dream, the feeding grounds of both Orcas and Humpback whales. We arrive in time to enjoy the few hours of polar daylight that the Tromsø winter season gives us. On the way to the whale watching area, you can take in the breathtaking views of the Tromsø fjords and frozen landscapes from our hybrid-electric boat.

Our captain will keep an eye out for the whales. Sometimes it takes a little longer to spot an Orca or Humpback, but our guides have some nifty tricks to spot them. While we search for the whales, our passionate guides will share their personal stories from the Tromsø area and interesting sights that we can see from the fjords. Of course, a whale watching tour would not be complete without an abundance of information about the Orca & Humpback Whale.

Boat designed for whale watching

Boats purpose-built for whale watching & minimal disturbance

Once the whales have been spotted, we will switch to our electric and silent engine to minimise disturbance to the whales. The vibrations and noise from the engines have been cited by researchers as a large disturbance to marine life and whales.

Designed for whale watching, it has comfortable, warm lounges with panoramic windows, so that you will have a front-row seat to the whales from wherever you are. You’ll find a selection of food and drinks for purchase on board.

*Please note that the duration of this tour depends on the whales’ location and can range from 6-8 hours. The exact season varies year to year, but is usually between November and January. Our crew will do their best to find the whales but we can not guarantee whales sightings.

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Experience the polar night sky

On our journey to and from the whales' feeding area we will pass through beautiful landscapes, filled with mountains & fjords. Much of the whale watching season corresponds with 'Polar night', a unique period of the year above the Arctic Circle when the sun does not rise above the horizon. This sometimes this brings unique skies with colours of blue, pink and purple. While it the sun will not rise, it won't be completely dark as light still makes its way around the curve of the earth. Especially when the sun is 'at its highest', the exact time we plan to be surrounded by Orcas and Humpback whales.

Frequently Asked Questions

How close do you get to go to the whales?

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Can you see whales on every tour?

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About this tour

Meeting point

The pier outside Clarion The Edge Hotel in Tromsø (Kaigata 6).

Tidspunkt & Varighet

  • Depart at 08:00. Please meet 15 minutes before departure.
  • Duration between 7-8 hours


  • 01 Nov 2020 - 31 Jan 2021


  • Adult (17+) - 1490 NOK
  • Student/Youth (12-16) - 1190 NOK
  • Children (3-11) - 990 NOK
  • Infants (0-2) - Free


  • Cruise to the area where the whales are
  • English and Norwegian speaking guides
  • Wi-Fi
  • Tap water


  • Cafe with food & beverages for purchase
  • Wheelchair access
  • Toilets

Important things to note

  • Whale sightings are not guaranteed
  • Groupsize can be up to 130

Cancellation policy

  • More than 48 hours in advance – 100% refund
  • Less than 48 hours in advance - No refund

Safet measures for Covid-19

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