MS Brim Hjørungsfjorden 6

Our ships are build with the experience of the guest in mind and minimal inpact on the environment. They are unique in the world.

Thanks to our hybrid-electric engine, there is minimal noise and vibration that interferes with nature and marine life. It also makes for a quiet experience for our you, our guest.

On board is an underwater drone that we deploy during many of our tours to show life below the surface of the sea. We take you closer to the wildlife and spectacular Norwegian coastal landscape.

Lana Tannir Brim Explorer 16

Our first ship MS Brim is name after the Old Norse word for 'breaking wave'. The ship was launched in the fall of 2019 and Christened in Tromsø. Our second ship Bard has been named after the Norwegian wild whales and was launched in the spring of 2020.

Lana Tannir Brim Explorer 5

Our vision is to have a ship that is both sustainable and the ultimate vessel to explore nature and deliver a high-end experience for our guests.

The ships are designed by award-winning industrial designer Einar Hareide and built by Maritime Partner in Ålesund.

Romain Charrier Brim Boat Night 2

Our boats are among the most flexible boats in the world and can be recharged at any port. The batteries can have enough capacity to run for 10 hours at a speed of 10 knots.

Built with recycled and recyclable aluminum, the ships are lightweight and energy efficient. With comfortable lounges, panoramic windows and several outdoor decks, guests can enjoy spectacular views without the hassle and pollution.

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