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Whale Watching in Tromsø

Tromsø offers unforgettable journeys to witness whales in person. The Silent Whale Watching tour by Brim Explorer leaves at 08:00 in the morning, heading towards the whales' feeding grounds near Skjervøy. While traveling, you can relax in comfortable, warm lounges with panoramic windows that offer breathtaking views of the frozen landscapes. Brim Explorer also provides a selection of food and drinks for purchase on board at the Brim Café.

How Often Can You See Whales in Tromsø?

On tour with Brim Explorer, we see whales nearly every tour in the Skjervøy region. It's only towards the end of the season, in late January, as the whales migrate south, that it becomes more challenging to spot them daily. The main difference from day to day is the number of whales we see, whether we encounter humpbacks, orcas and sperm whales or just one of the three, their level of activity, and how close they naturally come to our ship.

What Is the Best Month to See the Whales in Tromsø?

Statistically, the best time to see whales in Tromsø is from December to early January. During this period, the whales have usually settled into their feeding routines, making sightings more frequent. However, whale numbers and their locations can fluctuate year to year. Additionally, this time of year is popular so booking early is recommended.

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Whale Watching tour prices in Tromsø

At Brim Explorer, a dedicated purpose built boat for whale watching, the prices are the following for the 2024 / 2025 season:

  • Adult (18+): 1,790 NOK
  • Youth (12 - 17): 1,342.50 NOK
  • Child (3 - 11): 895 NOK

High Season Prices (20 Dec 2024 - 05 Jan 2025):

  • Adult (18+): 1,969 NOK
  • Youth (12 - 17): 1,476.75 NOK
  • Child (3 - 11): 984 NOK

What About Sea Sickness?

Seasickness varies from person to person. Our boat is quite stable, and we spend most of the journey in relatively sheltered waters. However, there are some stretches where we might experience more waves, especially if the weather is turbulent. Here are a few tips to reduce your chances of seasickness:

  • Eat a small breakfast.
  • Drink ginger tea or drinks. Brim Explorer sells ginger beer on board and this greatly helps your handle any unwelcome feelings
  • Stay awake and avoid closing your eyes.
  • Spend time outside for fresh air.
  • Stay on the lower deck, preferably at the back with a view of the horizon.
  • Take seasickness pills.

When does whale watching season end?

The Tromsø 2024 whale watching season stops at the end of January 2025, the whales start migrating away, making it harder to spot them. Brim Explorer´s general rule is to stop tours when we haven't seen whales for two consecutive days. If this happens, we will email all our guests and offer them the option to reschedule to our Arctic Fjord Cruise or receive a refund.

Is whale watching harmful for whales?

Whales are magnificent animals. Intelligent, beautiful and mysterious. The whales live in a fragile eco-system. Some whale species are endangered while others are barely keeping up or are just starting to recover. Climate change, pollution, over-fishing, noise pollution and many other threats make the whales especially vulnerable. Even whale watching can be harmful for whales.

In order to do our whale watching tours responsibly, we have set out specific guidelines and measures for ourselves for whale watching and animal welfare which centre around minimal disturbance and interruption. To read more about Brim Explorers whale watching philosophy, please click the link below.

Important Booking Information

Tour info

  • Time & Duration

    08:00 - 17:00 (± 9 hours)

  • Group size (min-max)

    8 - 140

  • Season

    25 Oct 2024 - 31 Jan 2025

  • Important things to note

    Whale sightings are not guaranteed
    We generally return between 17:00 - 17:30

  • Cancellation policy

    More than 48 hours in advance – 100% refund.
    Less than 48 hours in advance - No refund

Price Regular

  • Adult (17+)

    Kr. 1790

  • Youth (12-16)

    Kr. 1343

  • Student

    Kr. 1343

  • Child (3-11)

    Kr. 895

  • Infant (0-2)


High Season Prices

  • Adult (17+)

    1,969 NOK

  • Youth (12-16)

    1,476.75 NOK

  • Student

    1,476.75 NOK

  • Child (3-11)

    984 NOK

  • Infant (0-2)

    0 NOK