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Launching in Tromsø in the spring of 2024

Let's dive into a world where the sun dances on the horizon, creating a spectacle of light and colour in the Arctic sky.

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The beauty of Tromsø's Skies

Tromsø, a city nestled in the heart of the Arctic, is a place where nature defies convention. In spring, the city is bathed in the soft hues of sunsets that paint the sky in a palette of fiery reds and gentle pinks. As summer approaches, these sunsets gradually give way to the midnight sun – a natural phenomenon where the sun remains visible at midnight, casting a surreal golden glow over the land.

🌅 Spring Sunset

April to May:

As the cruise sets sail in the evenings of spring, guests will witness the sun slowly dipping towards the horizon, creating a mesmerising display of colours. It's a perfect time for photographers and nature lovers to capture the serene beauty of the Arctic landscape under the soft glow of the evening sun.

☀️ Midnight Sun

June to August:

As the days lengthen and summer takes hold, the sunsets seamlessly transition into the midnight sun. This period offers a unique experience where the sun hovers at the horizon, refusing to set, creating a magical, endless day. It's an otherworldly experience that has to be seen to be believed.

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Guided by Experts: Learn and Explore

Our in-person guides are passionate about the Arctic landscape and its unique phenomena. They'll share insights about the midnight sun, the science behind the extended daylight, and the history and culture of Tromsø. Their stories and knowledge will enrich your understanding and appreciation of this extraordinary region.

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Photography Opportunity

Whether you're a seasoned photographer or just love taking pictures, this cruise offers endless opportunities to capture the stunning Arctic landscape under varying light conditions. From the soft pastels of spring sunsets to the golden hues of the midnight sun, every moment is a picture waiting to be taken.

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The Route

Depending on the day we can take the ‘south’ or ‘northern’ route along Kvaløya coastline with sporadically dotted by villages and idyllic boathouses and fish drying racks. The route we take will be weather dependant and will be decided within the week of departure.

While we take in the midnight sun/sunset, we keep an eye out for birdlife that is particularly active and lively in the summer months. One particular bird that can sometimes be observes are puffins*, that nest on a few remote islands along the Norwegian coast between May and August.

*Please note that both wildlife and midnight sun can’t be guaranteed. It is dependable on nature and weather.

Tour information below

Tour info

  • Season

    19 April - 25 August

  • Duration

    4 hours

  • Departure times

    19. April – 17. mMai: 20.00
    18. Mai – 25. Juli: 21.00
    26. Juli – 25. August: 20.00

  • Meeting point

    Meet 15 minutes before departure at the pier to the side of Skarven Kro Restaurant in Tromsø (Kaigata 6)

  • Group size

    8 - 100

  • Cancellation policy

    More than 48 hours in advance – 100% refund.
    Less than 48 hours in advance - No refund

  • Electric use

    About 50% of this tour is done with our electric engine

Inclusions & facilities

  • Boat tour from Tromsø

  • English guides

  • Café with food & beverages for purchase

  • Free tap water

  • Free Wi-Fi

  • Do you require assistance?

    Email us at info@brimexplorer.com if you require assistance with reduced mobility and impaired vision/hearing.

  • Toilets

  • Warm indoor saloons


  • Adult (17+)

    990 NOK

  • Youth (12-16)

    742.5 NOK

  • Student

    742.5 NOK

  • Child (3-11)

    495 NOK

  • Infant (0-2)

    0 NOK